Your POV.
        “….Liam are you fucking serious right now?” I asked angrily following him from our shares flat, as he was going towards his car. “Yes i am, i am sick of you, you always gotta flirt with someone and i busted you.” He said heading towards his car. I stood infront of it hitting the hood with both of my hands “you’re trying to flip this shit on me! You cheated!” I said making my way towars his door as he started opening it. I grabbed his arms, “no Liam you aren’t leaving me!” “MOVE YES I AM!” He yelled. “LIAM NO YOU’RE NOT!” i said. And i started hitting him, he grabbed my waist and picked me up throwing me over his shoulders, closing his car door, taking me inside. “LIAM PUT ME DOWN.” He took me upstairs and threw me on the bed, and he walked to close the door.
       “LIAM IF YOU WANNA LEAVE JUST GO!” i yelled. He started taking off his clothes, “you want me to leave now?” He asked i started getting a bit scared. He was standing infront of me naked, now dont get me wrong Liam is hot, its just when he fucks me too hard it hurts. He does have a ten inch and i dont know sometimes it feels good sometimes it hurts. He pulled me by my ankles leaning over me kissing me neck. He started unbuttoning my jacket, and the little buttons on my shirt, i looke at his big hands, and they unlooped each button before pulling me ontop of him, i took off me shirt, and sat on his hard bare erection which poked me harshly.
       I took off my skinnys, and my thong throwing it across the room, i kept on my pink laced bra, “ride me.” Liam said as he was stroking his hand up and down his shaft. I winced in payne and i was only looking at it…”okay.” I said and gulped, i felt like it was watching me throbbing. I spread my legs having Liam hard stare at my vagina which was probably whimpering. I took a deep breath and i slowly went down on it. Tears began coming out my eyes and i wiped them away, i was really tight, i breathed out shakily, and i went down on it more, i bit my lip trying to give payne somewhere else so it wouldnt affect me much. Liam watched me, with a sad expression on his face, i smiled lightly at him, i had the courage to drop down on it and i did. “OWWWWWWWWW!” I screamed out as it tore me walls apart, i could feel it in me stomach just poking.
       I slowly started swirling my hips as the payne started engaging. Girls are aways like i want a guy with a big dick, no you dont! Liam began moaning lightly. “Liam go.” I whispered lightly.. he started thrusting slowly looking at me, i placed my hands on his abs, and i started bouncing up and down on his shaft, it started feeling good. “Oooooooooooh” i moaned. “Call me Leeroy!” Liam said i started laughing and moaning at the same time. “Mmmmmmm Leerooooooy!” I moaned. “Mmmm baby.” Liam moaned as he reached for my back trying to take ny bra off. He got it off and he threw it, he placed his big hands on my big perky breasts, as i kept bouncing. “Liam, mmmmmm you are so biiiiiiiiiiigggggg.” I moaned. “Mmmhmm you like my big cock in your tight little pussy! Huh?” Liam asked spanking my bum with his left hand, gripping me hip with his right.
     “DADDY PAYNE IM GONNA CUM!” it drove him crazy when i called him that, he gripped me waist with both his hands and thrusted  into me quickly, pulling out then going back in fast. Tears began coming outta me eyes from the massive pleasure. “LIAM I CANT HOLD HOLD IT!” I moaned loudly, “CUM ALL OVER MY BIG THICK DICK, MMMMMMM BABY!” He moaned driving me over the edge. I came all over his cock and he shot a load inside of me. “Oooooooooooh fuck!” He moaned, then i climbed off his shaft and laid beside him, and he kissed my lips and we both said “sorry” at the same time and kissed each other, as i fell asleep in his arms.

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