Niall POV.
     …”Haha Louis yeah!” Zayn shouted going into a fit of laughter. Then there was a knock at the door, we were all chilling at Harry’s flat. There was a knock at the door, i got up and walked towards it as the other boys were laughing and yelling. “Hello.” I opened it speaking adjusting me eyes, looking her up and down, she was wearing a white v neck, that displayed her perky breasts, and gray sweats that had black ‘pink’ wording on em. And a silver necklace that was a bow, and hello kitty white, gray, and black booties. “Hi.” She said smiling, i was staring at her breasts, “oh uh yeah wanna come in?” I asked snapping outta the things i wanted to do with her perfect tits. “Yeah!” She said smiling, and walked in, and i closed the door. “NEIGHBOR!” Harry shouted. “HAZZY!” She said going into laughter.
We started watching movies and she was sitting beside me on the loveseat, she yawned, and i looked at her, and watched her as she was focused on the screen, she looked at me and rolled her eyes. I looked away from her and started back watching the movie. I wasnt sure if she was joking or…..i dunno. She yawned again, and stood up stretching showing her belly piercing. “Take my bed love.” Harry said to her, and i tried hard not to watch her bum but my eyes wandered and i looked at it, and she was staring at me, and she scoffed and walked upstairs. I barely knew her and she was being a major bitch, i mean cant i just check you out! She already rolled her eyes, then she scoffed. I stood up and stretched and i yawned fakily, and walked upstairs acting as if i was going into the guest room, and i opened Harry’s door and i saw her laying down on her stomach, and a laptop at the edge of the bed, i saw her bum, which was only covered by black lace, and her position exposed her breast more. “WHAT?!” She asked yelling. I walked in closing the door behind me, and i laid beside her on the bed and she was scrolling through tumblr. She looked at me and i watched the screen and read ‘Niall Horan Dirty Imagines’ she quickly closed the laptop, and got outta the bed and sat it on the dresser, i looked her up and down, she turned around and rolled her eyes. I quickly stood up, with me hard highly visible, and walked closer to her, “why must you do that?” I asked through gritted teeth. She pushed me outta the way and walked towards the bed, i pushed her ontop of it, and i wripped her panties, and pulled me sweats off, and me boxers, and i entered her roughly making her scream out. I began thrusting hard.. she gripped the back of my neck biting at me bottom lip pulling it between her teeth. I flipped over and pulled her onto me waist, she started taking off her shirt, and and i put me arms around her and unclipped her bra and her boobs were so perfect. “Mmmmm Niall!” She moaned “ohhhhhhh Niall deeper!” She moaned and i started thrusting ne hips harder, her boobs bounced perfectly, i looked at her sweaty face, and saw her eyes rolling back. “Im gonna cum!” She commanded whimpering soon after. I soon released inside her doing a long grunt. Then she soon released onto me, making me moan loudly. She climbed off me and climbed under the duvet , i looked at her and she rolled her eyes laughing, i kissed her lips and she smiled.

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